Frequently Asked Questions

Existing customers cannot claim the no deposit bonuses. If you are already a member of a casino site where we offer a £10 free bonus, you will be unable to claim the offer. Not to worry, new no deposit bonuses are added weekly for different casino sites.

Most account information can be changed once you’re logged in. Simply confirm your password and click save changes to update your information. Your email and username cannot be changed. In order to change either of these you will need to contact the support team using your email address registered at Requests from new email addresses to make changes to your account which is listed under a separate email address will be ignored.

To claim the £10 no deposit bonus, create an account with us and you will see a list of selected betting sites we offer a free bonus for. Sign up to these select casino sites as a new customer using the password generated in your account. Enter your username and click 'request free bet'. We will then credit your £10 no deposit bonus within 24 hours.

Signing up is a simple process which takes around 1-2 minutes. You can join here. Be sure to use a valid email address as you will need to activate your account via email.

Please contact us if you wish to temporarily lock or permanently delete your account.

To reset your password via email, click here and enter the email address you used to register.

To review a casino site you must be a registered user of Simply visit the page for the casino site you want to review and scroll down to the review section. You will be able to find the option to post your review. Once your review is posted, it will enter a pending period where it will not be visible to other users until it is approved.

Verifying your account requires you to click an activation link via email. Upon signing up, you will receive an email with further instructions.

There are no limitations to the number of free bonuses you can claim. If there are 10 x no deposit bonuses available for £10 each, you would be able to claim all of them. The only restriction is that you must be a new customer at these casino sites. If you are already registered with any of the casino sites we offer this promotion for, we cannot credit your £10 no deposit bonus for these operators.

A no deposit bonus gives you funds to be with absolutely free. No deposit or payment info is required whatsoever.

As long as you’ve entered the correct username and used the password generated in your account, your £10 no deposit bonus will be credited at the selected betting site within 24 hours.

Reviews can be approved anywhere between 1 - 24 hours depending on the number of requests we are receiving via the website. If your review is not approved or deleted, this is due to your review being deemed inappropriate or invalid.

There are a number of reasons why your free bonus might not have been credited. The main reason is usually down to incorrect information being provided. If you have not used the password generated in your account when registering at a casino site, we cannot credit your account. This is the only way we can verify you are the account holder as it would be possible for you to enter a random username when requesting the bonus, therefore leading to a different individual receiving your bonus instead. Another reason is often that you are already an existing account holder. £10 no deposit bonuses are for new customers only who register for the first time at a new casino site.